Seeglass FIX

Seeglass Fix is an innovative system designed to create spaces with fixed glass walls reducing the use of aluminum profiles to the minimum. 

The system mainly consists of upper and lower profile with a minimalist designed developed specially for splitting workspaces in offices, houses and public areas with minimal visual impact. 

The use of glass as the main dividing material allows the perfect combination of architecture and design while contributing to energy efficiency by making the passage of light easier. The profiles of this system, alghouth simple and minimalist, allow the use of  different types of glass covering much of the existing thickness and varieties on the current market: monolithic, tempered, laminated, acoustic, decorated, etc. 

The main features of seeglass-fix are its simplicity and diversity of applications. The system can be installed in a wide variety of locations with a limited number of profiles and its corresponding components. Therefore, we can create new areas within an open space providing at the same time privacy to the user. 

Advantages of Seeglass FIX:

  1. Simple and safe system.
  2. Easy cleaning and low maintenance.
  3. No invasion of interior space.
  4. Total integration. It does not break environment aesthetics. 
  5. Easy installation.
  6. High quality product.
  7. Innovative design.
  8. Variety of applications and configurations.
  9. Contribution to privacy.
  10. We can create new spaces.
  11. Possibility to use several types of glass as required by customers and applicable regulations. 
  12. It allows the passage of light. 
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