Habitat Hot - Heat for outdoor spaces

Personalize your environment and enjoy of greater comfort

seeglass HOT is the new range of heaters specially recommended for outdoor spaces.

Our heaters is a combination of infrared and shortwave halogen with a refined technology. The result is a highly efficient heating technology which is especially suitable for the outdoor area.

Infrared are natural raditation that is almost 50% of the total radiation spectrum of the sun. If the infrarred radiation penetrates our skin, it triggers a pleasant thermal comfort. Therefore, it is also called thermal radiation.

The word "infrarred'' (from Latin '1nfra", bottom, below) clarifies that is a region of electromagnetic radiation, which is above the red end of the visible light spectrum and, therefore, does not contain ultraviolet rays in the radiation spectrum.

Due to its wavelength, the near infrarred radiation penetrates well especially in the air, regardless its temperature. So it becomes clear, why in winter, even though the outside temperature is relatively low, the sun feeling is a pleasant warmth.

Advantages of the system 

  1. Brigth and friendly atmosphere.
  2. It can be integrated into any environment thanks to a beautiful and compact design
  3. Provides heat directly to the person, not the air.
  4. Immediately effective heat upon connection
  5. 92% of the electricity is converted into heat
  6. 50% energy saving compared to other heating systems.
  7. Easy instalaltion to wall, ceiling or umbrella.
  8. Directional systemsthanks to the adjustale clamp 
  9. Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.
  10. Maximum mobility thanks to its low weigth. 
  11. No oxygen consumption nor direct CO2 emissions
  12. No dirt or noise is generated when used. 
  13. Higher performance with less energy.
  14. The unit is splash proof, made of waterproof aluminum
  15. A special insulation cover cools the front grille to avoid burning contact.
  16. 5.000 hours of light with constant heating power.
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