Do not get confused! Choose the right manufacturer

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Do not get confused! Choose the right manufacturer

From our condition of manufacturers of enclosures, we warn you of the following recommendations when it comes to choosing a manufacturer for your glass enclosure:

  1. Do not purchase glass curtains from manufacturers or companies that do not certify the quality, product testing, documentation, CE marking, etc.

    Our products have CE marking, wind resistance tests, and water tightness certified by the certification authorities.
    Aluminum profiles are treated according to International Standards of Qualanod, Qualideco and Qualicoat.

    cerramientos con marcado ce
    cerramientos de calidad

  2. Do not contract with companies that DO NOT publish on their website, a privacy policy, legal notices, or establish the name of the company and its TAX ID number.

    Our web site has security seals online and SSL certificate, as well as legal notice and privacy policy.
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    seguridad https c3systems

  3. Make sure the origin of the product, there are many cases in which the enclosure and its components have no Spanish or European origin.

    We manufacture our products in its entirety in SPAIN. All components are designed and manufactured by our engineers.
    cerramientos de terrazas fabricados en españa
    seeglass y pyme innovadora

  4. Special attention to theinstallation of the systems of enclosures is done by a professional installer.

    Our distributors are installers authorized by our company.
    They carry out courses on measurement and installation of the enclosures, realized in our head offices.
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    cerramientos c3 systems transportes

  5. Make sure you are acquiring the product to the company that offers the most guarantees.

    We offer a guarantee of:
    • 15 year guarantee for bearings and guiding elements
    • 2 to 5 year warranty for system components

    15 años garantía cerramientos seeglass
  6. Identifies that the manufacturer has means of contacts to go to when making claims about the service or lack of product.

    We directly support our distributors and clients through our team of national and international commercials.

    equipo c3systems
  7. Monitor the payments you make, do not rely on super offers of special discounts and prices, as they are often accompanied by a lack of professionalism.

    From C3 systems we perform a professional management of orders and budgets.
    Our prices clearly show the products that are included, and the guarantees offered.


  8. Ensure that a product delivery and installation date is set

    Our manufacturing process oscillates between 15 and 25 days (depending on the color requested).
    The installation is done in 1 single day, although the term depends on the complexity of the installation.

    fabricación cortinas de cristal
  9. Do not trust enclosures without an official brand

    C3 systems is the only manufacturer of the brands:

With these recommendations, we only want to raise awareness about the importance of finding a reliable and reliable company when choosing the enclosure.

Since, in our national market, certain manufacturers and installers of enclosures that are currently giving numerous cases in which the user is deceived with: bad quality enclosures, facilities not made by professionals, any kind of after-sales service, etc.

Search, compare and do not deceive yourself ...

Trust only certified professionals, rely on C3 Systems.


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