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Our customers are the ones who can really describe the quality of our products and the service provided

“I would recommend Seeglass products due to high quality reinforced hinges used on Seeglass systems, something that I don’t find in other systems that cannot carry heavy panels”

. Mario (Alicante) - Professional

“Thanks to Seeglass application for architects, we were able to easily add Seeglass products to our projects”

Jorge (Santander) - Architect

“My clients really like your mini metal handle, since it is less bulky than other systems.”

. Sebastián (Valencia) - Professional

“Vuestras mosquiteras plisadas son el complemento perfecto para los cerramientos seeglass”

Jose María (Palma de Mallorca) - Professional

“Although in the last order you had an error in the machining of frames, you replaced them me quickly without charge. Then I was able to sort the issue with my client and he was really satisfied in the end”

Pablo (Vigo) - Professional

“I must say that I really like your new Pane blocking kit because glass panels are more subject”

Fede (Barcelona) - Professional

“Thank you very much for your technical assistance and the professionalism of your techniques”

Jordi (Navarra) - Professional

“Congratulations for your new seeglass RUN. This sliding system allows larger glass panels that is what our clients asked continuously”

Pedro (Valencia) - Professional

“The terrace of the bar is now more protected and of elegant appearance with the adjustable windscreen habitat-AIR"

Miguel Angel (Almería) - Professional

“I really like your Cleaning Box Kit. From now on, I will order one kit with the enclosure as a present for my customers"

Nieves (Tenerife) - Professional

“It seems very practical the installation demo video you have posted in your web"

Víctor (Ciudad Real) - Professional

“The Seeglass MAX systems is the most complete system that I know. Those 12mm tempered glass thickness give high confidence"

David (Madrid) - Professional

“The new mini metal opening device is a great success, as it is much more aesthetic and our customers like the most"

Víctor (Girona) - Professional

“The seeglass RUN systems is the sliding system that like our customer the most. It has a very elegant design"

Alberto (Burgos) - Professional

“My customers ask me seeglass only. Congratulations, keep it up.”

Antonio (Cádiz) - Professional

“Despite the cold, it is very comfortable on the terrace of my restaurant thanks to infrared heaters habitat-HOT.”

Ignacio (Alicante) - catering entrepreneur

"These days you can not trust anyone, so it gives tranquility to find a reputable company that offers many tests and security certificates "

Manuel (Almería) - Professional

“Thank you for your speed in sending the offer. Other suppliers may spend a week"

Oliver (Oviedo) - Professional

“Thank you for your installation course, it was really interesting and I have clarified many doubts"

Alejandro (Valencia) - Professional

“I really like your profiles. I installed other systems in the past but they were very weak, they could be even bent with your hands"

Bruno (Alicante) - Professional

“Seeglass PRO is the best system existing in the market that I have ever installed”

Jaime (Granada) - Professional

“Thank you very much for your efforts, you helped me all time and you were worried to provide me the solutions that I needed"

Miguel (Almería) - Professional

“Our previous supplier produces the system in other country, and then it took over a month to have ready the enclosure. With you guys, the systems are produced in 15 days!"

Manuel (Albacete) - Professional

“We are really happy with the WORK BOX. It is quite well organized and it makes the sale easier when we show it to our customers”

Jaime (Alicante) - Professional

“This summer I've really enjoyed my terrace a lot thanks to seeglass”

María José (Ciudad Real) - End consumer

“Thank you very much for you help and technical assistance. You gave us a lot of confidence and security for the installation”

David (Valencia) - Professional

“Congratulations for the new website. It has a lot of pictures and technical details”

Juan (Murcia) - Professional

“We really like your sales spitch document because it clearly states what makes you different from competitors”.

Rebeca (Madrid) Professional

“What I really like the most of SEEGLASS system is its design and the constant technical improvements the R+D members carry out. After isntalling some similar systems, I must say that C3 SYSTEMS enclosure is the most reliable”

Miguel - Professional expert

“From the very beginning, all staff treated me with great kindness. It is really appreciated that they help and advise you which options are best but at lowest price”.

Carlos - Professional novel

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