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Our range of heaters, Habitat HOT, are specially indicated for outdoor areas, where they generate pleasant and constant heat zones, thanks to efficient heating systems. Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, as well as flexible positioning with tripod indoor and outdoor.

Our heaters combine infrared and shortwave halogens with a sophisticated technique. The result is a highly efficient heating technology that is specially suitable for the outdoor areas.

Highly efficient heating technology specially suitable for outdoor areas.




Perfect for terraces and enclosures in our house, as we can protect ourselves from low temperatures thanks to these ecological energy saving heaters without noise and CO2 emissions.


Restaurant enclosures are the most indicated for Habitat Hot heating systems, as customers can enjoy a pleasant temperature without excessive consumption.


Outdoor spaces (hotels, caffeterias)

They are the perfect complement for the heating of enclosed exterior spaces that are combined with glass systems.

Integration in Pergola

Perfect integration with our bioclimatic pergolas, allowing to regulate the temperature of the interior and withstand harsh weather conditions.


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White Color

Titanium Color

Anthracite Color


Energy Efficiency

This comparison of systems clearly shows the efficiency of how our infrared heating systems work, compared to other external heating systems.

The Habitat HOT system works with infrared allogenic tubes (1400 watts). It takes advantage of 92% of the energy applied by a selective thermal dissipation. It has a total power of 2000w.

Habitat-hot tiene un grado de protección IP24, lo cual significa que puede dañarse fácilmente por agua y polvo en exteriores.


If you want more information about our heaters you can download our catalogue by clicking on this link.

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