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Indoor Sliding Systems

SeeGlass Lux is sliding glass panel system designed for separating interior spaces.

This system is an ideal solution for creating useable space for your house or business with a minimal amount of aluminum frames used resulting in a new and very bright environment.

Glass thickness available 8- 10 mm

Designed to separate interior spaces, letting in natural light and creating new environments.


SeeGlass glazing enclosures are designed as an aesthetic and simple solution for creating new usable spaces that glass system offers.


Simple glass solution for separating living and dining room, creating an extra room or even used for a walk-in closet door.

Industrial style design

For design lovers. Glass panels with digital thermal printing to make the difference.



SeeGlass LUX is a modern and simple solution for creating new offices, separating departments, or even in stores for separating different sections.

Interior Partition

Perfect interior partition solution with glass panels creating a clear view.


Interior design

Perfect interior separation, only with glass panels, creating a clean and totally transparent view, without visual obstacles.


Thanks to many different models available, different configurations can be achieved by combining fixed and moving panels. Sliding lateral panel movement allows panels to be hidden behind wall or in between architectural made gaps.

1 sliding panel

1 sliding panel + 1 fixed panel

2 sliding panels “barn style”

2 sliding panels + 2 fixed panels

2 wall sliding panels

2 sliding panels + 1 fixed panel

3 wall sliding panels

3 sliding panels + 1 fixed panels

4 wall sliding panels

4 sliding panels + 1 fixed panels


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Accessories and Components


Aluminum accessories for lower guides

Glass panels with upper guide support

Lower aluminum profile

Opening devices


Ring Handle (standard)

Key Lock - Knob

Hook Handle


SG Lux is available in following finishes:

Mostly used colors



Anodized Inox


Anodized Silver

Maximum Dimensions

1 Panel 3000 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm/panel
1 Panel + Fixed 3000 mm 3000 mm 1500 mm/panel
2 Panels 3000 mm 3000 mm 1500 mm/panel
2 Panels + Fixed 3000 mm 4500 mm 1500 mm/panel
3 Panels 3000 mm 3200 mm 1500 mm/panel
3 Panels + Fixed 3000 mm 5600 mm 1500 mm/panel
4 Panels 3000 mm 4400 mm 1100 mm/panel
4 Panels + Fixed 3000 mm 5500 mm 1200 mm/panel


If you need more information about our systems for different types of vertical separation, complements and finishes download our catalogue here.

Download our Catalogue

Certified Quality

Our system meets different certifications and requirements requested to glass systems manufacturers. Thanks to a CE mark certification, product testing and our warranty, C3 Systems guaranties the maximum quality in our sliding systems.

Please check our quality certificates available.

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