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Sliding and folding systems are the best available option for enclosing terraces as well as for adding extra living space to your home or business in a modern way and without giving up the view.

Sliding and folding glazing system features advantages such as enjoying the feeling of the outdoors and limitless views, and an easy access for cleaning purposes, as all the panels can be folded.

Available for 6,8,10 and 12 mm glass thickness.

Depending on the type of configuration and the measures that your stay requires, the folding enclosures have different prices per m2 (square meter). Through the information form you can consult doubts about the prices of collapsible enclosures, measurements, configurations or any other query to close your terrace, balcony or attic.

The best option to close a terrace and enjoy an extra space in our home or business.


Seeglass sliding and folding systems are designed for residential areas and businesses, where extra useable space needs to be achieved and where a comfortable and aesthetic design are important.

Verandas and Terraces

This glass enclosing system is an ideal solution for verandas and terraces where you can enjoy the outdoors, and comfort and panoramic views thanks to the sliding and folding panels that can be completely moved to the side.

Restaurants and Hotels

Offer your clients a modern and aesthetic glass enclosing solution for extra comfort and protection against harsh weather conditions with Seeglass enclosures.


Building Façades

Take advantage of unused spaces, like balconies for example, and expand your living area with a minimum effort and with no costly construction work whatsoever.


SeeGlass enclosures are a perfect complement for the bioclimatic pergola SeeSky as these two products can be combined and offer a full and optimum enclosing solution.


Interior Partitions

Sliding and folding systems Seeglass are a perfect glass partition solution for dividing offices and interior spaces, as glass panels can be opened and closed when needed.


Great option for outdoor businesses that aim for a panoramic view and that sometimes need to protect themselves from harsh weather.



Ideal solution for covering low ceiling areas, thus providing a translucent space for a panoramic view of the outside.


Create new useful space to your housing by adding interior partitions or enclosing unused spaces to achieve a bright and comfortable new area.


Ideal HORECA Sector Solution

We count in our portfolio with several diverse solutions of products that are perfectly adapted to the HORECA sector.
We manufacture different glass enclosing solutions that are often used for the HORECA sector, as we have many years of experience supplying for this sector in a national and international level.


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One of the main advantages of Seeglass sliding and folding system is that they are adjustable to many different configurations in order to find the best option available.

Corner turning

Thanks to the specific component design, it is possible to turn corners through multiple angles for panels.


Side and central panel opening

Full glass panel openings allow to pile up all panels to one side, leaving a perfect opening and getting a sense of outdoor enjoyment.




Easy cleaning and maintenance

Thanks to the sliding and folding option of each panel, it is very easy to perform the integral cleaning of the glass, as every part of the system can be safe and easily accessed from the inside.

Adaptation to different climates

Sliding and folding glazed systems are perfectly compatible with cold and humid climates.
They are a great sealing and protection option against harsh external weather conditions.

Accessories and Components

High resistance rollers and hinges

Integrated metallic opening system

Standard and embedded lower profile option

Top telescopic profile for height adjustments on profile and panels

Specially designed overlapping caps for extra water tightness

Lateral profile and covers for possible adjustment and extra water and wind proof

Glass screwed to profiles

Intermediate opening option for ventilation

Angle closing caps

Opening devices

Metallic cable opening device (standard)

Simple and double knobs

Crank locks

Knob locks

Additional Elements


Panel retainer attached to lower profile in order to secure glass panels once they are stacked, preventing its movement.

Set of clamps to prevent movement of glass panels.


Pleated blinds
More information.

Pleated mosquito net
More information.

Roller blind, incorporated in the upper profile of the enclosure.


Our systems are available in the following finishes:

Most used colours

White (standard color)





RAL 1015


RAL 3015


RAL 8014


RAL 9001


RAL 7035


RAL 7011


RAL 1013




RAL 9011

Wooden Imitations


Golden Oak


Sapelly Caoba


Dark Walnut





Inox Anodised


Silver Anodised

Maximum measures

6mm 1700mm LIMITLESS 800 mm/panel
8mm 2500mm LIMITLESS 800 mm/panel
10mm 3000mm LIMITLESS 800 mm/panel
12mm 3000mm LIMITLESS 800 mm/panel


All our systems have been tested on both product and components to obtain the following certificates:



If you need more detailed and technical information about our sliding and folding glazing systems and accessories, download our catalogue here.

Download our Catalogue

Certification and Quality



All our systems and components are designed by our engineers under a strict quality control and made in Spain.


Seeglass is the most developed sliding and folding glazing available on the market, which allows us to offer up to a 15-year warranty.

*Consult all the information about the guarantees in the manual of general guarantees or request the information from your distributor *

CE Certificate

Our Seeglass brand has a CE certificate available for our products in which we are certify the production process and provide all the required certificates.



C3 Systems also provides CE certificate on tempered security glass with polished edges and on the mechanism to attach glass to profiles.


Seeglass brand products fulfill international regulations such as Qualanod, Qualideco and Qualicoat processes in powder coating treatments.


Seeglass is a registered and patented brand by C3 Systems S.L., the only authorized manufacturer of Seeglass brand.


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